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Podróżniczek offers trips to discover interesting nature in the Biebrza National Park, located in the north-eastern part of Poland. The Park protects the nature of a large valley – a basin with a length of 120 km and a width of 35 km. Through the valley flows Biebrza River and its tributaries. The base of the valley is built of peat. The edges of the valley are made of small mineral hills, mostly covered by forests. The park is not inhabited.

This specific geological set up makes the valley perennially moist which is very favourable for the development of a wide variety of plants and animals. So far, over a thousand species of plants were identified, including those typical of tundra and taiga. The valley is also famous for its temperate climate orchids.

This unspoilt and undisturbed environment is a perfect dwelling for animals. There are 48 species of mammals, including large populations of, among others: elk, beavers, otters and wolves. Occasionally, bobcats can be spotted too. Other species such as insects, amphibians and reptiles are also bountiful due to good living conditions.

The valley is a home to 185 species of breeding birds. Among them, a dozen of so-called "bird rarities"" threatened with extinction such as Aquatic Warbler, Spotted Eagle or Black Grouse. It also hosts 100 species of migratory birds for which the valley is the perfect environment for rest and feeding before continuing to northern breeding grounds. If you travel to Biebrza in March and April, you can see flocks of up to ten thousands of birds at the same time. For these reasons, Biebrza has been dubbed a "Bird paradise". Ornithological observations are the most successful from March to June.

Tourists can admire this spectacular nature while walking on trails, using observation towers, platforms and field points or by biking, rafting rivers or taking bus tours of the valley. There is a good network of hotels, B&B accommodation and rural lodgings around the valley.

"Podrozniczek" offers complete services for groups and individual tourists. The stay begins with picking guests up from the airport, followed by providing full tourism services and ends with a drop off at the airport in Warsaw.

The range of prices depends on the size of the group, length of stay and the standard of accommodation. The cost includes: transport, accommodation with 3 meals a day, entrance fees to the trails, leadership, bike rides, canoeing. For longer stays, you can also do the tour of Vilnius or nature parks in the neighbouring Lithuania. Another option is to visit the ancient Bialowieza Forest, where bison roam freely.

To learn more, please contact us by email: turystyka@podrozniczek.com
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