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KRAKOW (CRACOW) AND THE TATRA MOUNTAINS. "Podrozniczek"" invites you to explore historical and natural sites in Southern Poland.

Cracow. During a 4-day stay tourists get a chance to explore historical buildings and interiors such as royal castle and chambers, and their significance in the history of Poland. The stay in Krakow includes sightseeing of the following objects: The Wawel Royal Castle which was the seat of Polish kings from the eleventh to the seventeenth century. The Wawel complex occupies 5 hectares of land and is an unquestionable "treasure trove" of historical and cultural objects in Poland and in Europe. It was the first Polish facility ever listed in the UNESCO register. Jagiellonian University is another such object, as one of the oldest universities in the world. Established in 1364, the University holds Nicolaus Copernicus memorabilia which are available for the public to view. For centuries Cracow has been known as the city of outstanding artists and scientists, such as winners of Nobel prizes – this is reflected in its architectural beauty, the highest level of entertainment on offer and magical atmosphere attracting guests from all over the world.

Another highlight of the visit to Cracow, is a trip to Wieliczka Salt Mine located at the outskirts of the city. It boasts underground tourist hiking trails located from 60 to 300 metres below the surface of the Earth.

Another town worth seeing is Ojcow, located 30 kilometres from Cracow. There are some interesting caves, fancy shaped rocks and palaces and museums located on limestone hills.

Zakopane: Another 4-stay in the so called ‘capital of the Polish mountains’. The town is located about 90 kilometres from Cracow. It sits at the foothills of the Tatra Mountains, which are part of the Carpathians band. For the convenience of exploring the fabulously charming mountain landscapes, guests explore the area in cars and during rides in horse-drawn carriages, particularly during a ‘must-see’ trip to Morskie Oko- lake (Sea Eye). On the seventh day of your stay you will be offered a mountain river rafting experience down the Dunajec River. Rafting will be held in safe boats and under professional care. This particular waterway offers unforgettable nature experience. Later that day, you will be transferred to Slovakia, for a 3-hour bathing in thermal pools with natural sulphur water. One day of the trip will be devoted to sightseeing the town of Zakopane and relaxation in the Aqua Park at the hotel.

"Podrozniczek" offers comprehensive services for groups and individual tourists. The stay begins with pick up from the airport in Cracow, followed by the programme above and ends with a drop off at the airport.

Accommodation in two 3-star hotels, including Aquapark in Zakopane. Costs include: transport, accommodation and 3 meals a day, entrance fees and all fees associated with the sightseeing activities described above. The range of prices depends on the size of the group, length of stay and the standard of accommodation. The event begins and ends at the airport near Cracow.

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